You want to contact me ? Before you bother me, think about what you want from me. If you have any question, check first careful here my pages. Read everything and look if you maybe can get there the answer. You don´t find the answer - ok contact me.

1. by eMail - you can write me anytime to my eMail :

2. by Skype - my Skype id is : baremaster Ingo. But I am not often there. Only when somebody make an appointment with me. Mostly I have time in the week (from monday to saturday) after 20:00 my time (middle europe time) and sunday up from 13:00

3. By phone. If you really call me think about on the time. If you call me from the USA, Asia or Africa we have a time difference. If it in Europe between Midnight and 11:00 in the morning you will mostly have no success. And sms or whatsapp messages I don´t answer. If you reach me I expect that you tell me who you are, the reason of the call and how (where you get my number). If it´s not possible for me to talk I will tell you that straight away and expect that you accept that.  My number: (+356) 77990185 - no sms or whatsapp messages accepted. You will get no answer !


Important : I publish here my contact details. So you see I am open with them. The same accept from you. If you contact me I expect your full contact details too - otherwise don´t contact me.




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