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 September  06, 2023                  

  • I am born on March 13, 1965 in Hannover (North Germany), now I am 58. Most of my life I had lived in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) and I had travel alot in my life. Since 2013 I live in Malta (South of Europe)
  • zodiac: pisces
  • I have blonde, short hair,
  • blue eyes, since recently I am wearing glasses (only for reading !)
  • with interruptions I have played 12 years Rugby,
  • have a figure of a sturdy/chunky type (some said litte bit chubby( 180 cm / 5"11 hight and 102 kg weight.
  • I am selfemployed, have my own retail sexshop (the only one in Malta) with an additional webshop.
  • I have over 35 years S/M experience. And I had worked in Germany nearly 14 years as escort master.
  • Of course I am gay, even if people who do not know me reality and do not know about my sexual orientation, will belive me as a typical hetero. One of the reasons: they mean I looks like manly. And the other: I am a really macho and pasha. 
  • From my opinions I would classify me rather as a liberal and tolerant human beeing with some conservativ values.
    Since middle of September 2007 I must wear glasses for reading. (I buy two different, one you see here the another one by more pic from me
  • Have some allergies (against cats, grass pollen, ...) and since November 2008 diabetes II (but just take pills daily, no injections)
  • I am a meat eater (esp. beef and chicken). Vegetarians and vegans for me are crazy. They eat the food of my food.
  • I live now in Malta, in the city of Floriana, where I have rent a flat. Who don´t know where and was is Malta, is an Island (archipelago) and the smallest country in the European Union, 81 km (50 mi) from south of sicily with around 500.000 citizens. With other words: I live there where other make holidays.

I love:Sex, eating, traveling, to get massaged (especially my back and my feets), TV (movies,crime films and  series - I´m a big Law & Order fan)some sportive activities,to go to the theater (but I have to confess that I prefer temporary plays and think any part of abstract theater is stupid) to cook, and from time to time to smoking a good cigar (mostly Dominican - my favorite at moment -  brand: Bock (Bock y Ca), Format: Panatella and Corona)  . I drink my self hardy a drop of alcohol . I find out from time to time a glass of pernod with coke is not bad). The slave also should not drink to much. Few glas of beer / wine or a glas of whisky, cognac.. is ok.  Also I expect that you are a non smoker or temporate smoker  and that you are not addicted to alcohol or drugs (chems). Sometimes chems can be helpful for harder things, but somebody who can not live without is definitly the wrong guy. I am keen on natural servile and submissive guys. I go out from time to time, maybe to eat something, to meet friends, go to the SPA or the beach,for shopping,etc. But in the age of 56 I must not to do it everyday. Then as I like to have fun on the road, there are also days when I want to relax and rest. I am searching for a longtime (hopefully lifetime) relation and this must be realistic. Who just looking to get chained 24 hours or think we just have the whole day sex, didnt understand what is real slavery. Because of my lot of  experiences I know what is realistic and what is impossible. A real master/slave relationship is more then sex - mutch more ! Sex is not unimportant for me and I need it daily (mostly 1,2 times), but I am honest:

1. ) For me is mutch more horny to have 2,3 Quickies (blowjobs) then one 2 hour session. I do sex for shoot out (cum) and for sure by 3 Quickies I will shoot out more often then by a 2 hours session.

2. ) Sex of the maso is absolute unimportant. Who cares if he have sex or not. A real maso slave understand that his enjoyment is to make his master happy, exciting and enjoyable.

3.) To be a good sub / slave by sex is easy. If somebody serve good or not you see out of sex.

 I love guys they are really submissive,obedient and a real masochist and not play it. I like guys with short hair or bald or ponytail. And nice and cared feets and hands are a must. I am open to new things.

I hate: show offs, wouldbes and crazies, unrealbility, dishonesty, unclean/unrinsed asses by fucking, untidy guys, condoms, Cybermasturbater, guys who need enlessly till they answer a mail and guys, which I mail my telephon number and which than need enlessly till they call or not at all. Adress-, Pictures and telephonenumbers collectors.

Look at the  list of some faker and cybermastrubater here. I hate also sport on TV, boring guys, arrogance, operas, operettas, musicals, Dishonesty (is for me absolutly inaceptable, since in a relationship is important to say everything even if it hurts somtimes), intolerence. I don´t eat cheese raw (baked I like), tomatos (but like ketchup and tomato sauce), don´t drink coffee and mineral water without flavour. 

Realability is very important for me. But also confidence - absolute trust. I have to know that I can trust the other 120 % as my guy can really 120 % on me. By the way unreliability : because I've been experiencing it more often lately that guys contact me and then break off contact, they no longer answer messages on Planetromeo or Recon, etc. or it takes forever til they answer or no longer keep appointments to skype, I've tightened my rules now . For example, if someone doesn't come to make the appointment we have to skype (for whatever reason) then we're done if you don't have a great reason for it. Excuses how it happened like: "with friends came a little later"," I had to go shopping again" or "had an important phone call" that didn't count for me. Such a special relationship like that is about a complete life change with no way back. How can someone not have enough time to talk about it and clarify open questions, etc.? This is total bullshit and I don´t accept it. You are just a wannabe and time waste.

Also outside of sex I am rather men without taboos. That means that there is nothing the other can not talking about with me. We probably will not have the same opinion and if certain problems has to be solved or things of everyday problems have to be solved, finally I have the last saying, but anyway the other should trust me, that he can really talk with me about everything. But: in public and against other he have to agree with my towards life 100 %. When a other person is present he had to be 110 % loyal to me. Whatever I do or say , he have to agree !

The life is not allways terrific and beautiful. Of course there are also lows in life. Who has problems that I am sometimes not in top form or does sometimes not care for sex in the moment or just wants only to relax, will not be fitting for a permanent relationship as I am looking for.

Often guys ask me how it will be a normal day in this relationship? First I answer them that a normal day in a bdsm relation is not so mutch other in a causal relationship. The normal day chores is in both. And second I hate to make to mutch planings in my private life. I must make it enough in business and life teach me that is comes mostly other then you have plan it. Also I´m a very different person with different sites. It can be that I love to beat you, to slap you extremly and after I lay me down and let you massage my body, after you suck my dick till I´m coming or you ride my dick and I torture your nipples and slap your face and after we kiss and huge,.... and maybe another day I just torture you and let you suffer and another day we just huge and kiss. Diversification is important. Nobody eat the same everyday. Why not by other things changing things...

Aprpos Partner : In addition to trust and responsibility this also includes a high degree of emotional attachment. You have to trust, to worship and to love me.  I am aware of my great responsibility. It´s also important to protect my sub maso and love him. Without an emotional bound from both sides it will not working permanently.

And relationship means to me that I have always priority on your list first. The first when you are awake and the last before you fall asleep is to think on me. It is also important for me that I have high priority with you even during the time we get to know each other. So if, for example, the first appointment to Skype doesn't work out, then you should try harder the second time or we'll leave it.  I just have to see from the start that you are serious and that getting a relationship like this is very important for you. It makes no sense to me if someone wants to start a completely new life and then doesn't have time to answer all the important questions, etc. - this is not serious




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