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March,29 -  2023


I am looking for a nature submissive, very obedient and real masochistic guy (18-45) as a manwife / slavehusband. With other words I look for a permanent relationship which based on total control, absolute submission to self-surrender together with pain and love.

To complecate to understand ? I am looking for a real masochist and I mean a real one. This means more then to get sometimes a face slap or get spanked your butt a bit. You must really enjoy pain - just to accept is not enough. But a real cis relationship (what is a kind of extended tpe relationship) means more then just that you enjoy pain. It means also total control and regulation of any part of your life - no execuse accepted. If, when, where and with whom you have sex, if, where and what you work, when  and where you are sleeping, your medical and financial belongs, when and what you eat or dress, with who when and which kind of contacts you can have or not, your daily routine, etc. Yes,  even what you are allowed to think and what not. Of course, I will let certain automatic routines do you alone, especially when I know that I can trust you and that your absolute submission to the point of self-surrender has occurred. But even for that I have always the last decision.

Realistic ? Yes, it is. But only for a small part of the subs / slaves. Very few can submit to this point. Those who can, will feel like in a paradise.

What kind of guy I am looking for ? I look for somebody younger then me, max. same age. He have to be a real masochist, nature submissive and very obedient, follow commands / orders without resistance / contradiction and be ready to leave everything, really everything behind and start a completely new life.

What about his look ? Well, honestly, if someone looks good, that's good, but not really that important. Above all, his behavior is important - that counts. It should be clear that I might make changes (different haircut, depilation for very hairy types, etc.).

In addition, he should be hard-working and tidy, not shy away from work, attentive, quick to learn and very service-oriented. Someone who just enjoys serving - always and without exception. Therefore a physically fit guy would be an advantage.

And what else is important besides bdsm? In a relationship, in addition to trust, a strong emotional bond is extremely important. Feelings, affection, even love play an important role in this. Without real mutual affection, great trust and mutual emotions and feelings, a sub can never completely let go and a dom does not feel his responsibility enough - both are extremely important for this kind of long-term relationship. This homepage should only give a general impression and answer to some important first questions. However, it is by no means a substitute for getting to know each other better. The sub has to play with completely open cards from the start. This is the only way I can get a complete picture. In addition to a few basic rules, many things are not set in stone and have to be adapted individually. What is 100% correct for one person may only be 80% correct for another. It is more a matter of the meaning and scope of such this kind of relationship, not of every detail. For me, the best way to sort things out and find out is live Skype. Before I meet the other person, I want to hear and see them live in advance - Skype is very helpful in this regard. Anyone who comes up with excuses like they don't have Skype and couldn't download it to their device are just ridiculous and should not contact me. Because Skype can be downloaded for free and it runs on every PC and laptop (regardless of whether Windows, Apple or Linux), on every tablet and smartphone. It is preinstalled on 90% of tablets and smartphones. So spare me your excuses. Arguments that someone does not like to show themselves, etc. are nonsense and will not be accepted.

Do you have any questions or want to get in touch. It is best to send an email to baremachosadist@eclipso.eu and we go from there.




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